You don't have to have the same dull wedding ceremony that every one else is having! This is a guide for planning your Ceremony.


The items listed are all the events that can be included in your ceremony.


____  Gathering Words

____  Opening Prayer

____  Moment of Silence

____  Mother's Rose Gift

____  Giving of the Bride

____  Charge to the Couple

____  Consent and Affirmation

____  1st Reading

____  2nd Reading

____  Groom's Vows

____  Bride's Vows

____  Vows to Children

____  Hand Blessing Ceremony

____  Exchange of Rings

____  Unity Ceremony  (Choice of one)

             *  Unity Candle

             *  Sand Blending

             *  Wine Ceremony

____  Marriage Blessings

____  Marriage Pronouncement

____  The Kiss

____  Presentation of the Couple

____  The 2nd Kiss

Planning Your Ceremony